'It’s the real deal. Everyone really should be talking, singing, shouting about Jamie now'

'Sweeps you away on a tide of mischief, warmth and exuberance'

'A joyous punch in the air about following your dreams and being yourself'

'Irresistible: a joyous, life-affirming Billy Elliot'

'A true big-hearted crowd-pleaser'

'A Chuffing Marvellous British Musical'

'It isn’t just Jamie everybody’s talking about, it’s this show'

'A dynamic, deliciously entertaining night out, a glorious tribute to what makes us human and a heart-warming appeal for acceptance. Let’s all keep talking about Jamie for as long as possible.'

'A Fizzing, Feeling instant hit'

'One of the biggest and best shows of the year'

‘Outright hilarious’ ‘This should run and run.’

'A Palpable Hit'

'People will be talking about Jamie for a long time to come'